Cold Snap and Deep Freeze

Cold Snap and Deep Freeze

A deep freeze covers our nation and we all dig into the back of our closets for the heavy coat, gloves and that special hat.  In some places, we are experiencing the coldest temperatures in 100 years for this time of year — five weeks until winter is official.  I have worn my black boots three days in a row to keep my tootsies from freezing.  Here in Texas, we fell below freezing which is very unusual for us.  We had to cover the basil plants and hope for the best for the ferns and the hanging baskets as the lower than freezing temperatures were not initially predicted.  Or maybe I was just wishing it wasn’t true and willing to sacrifice a plant to enable my denial.  Snow on Sunday is a possibility.  While cold weather brings its challenges especially for the homeless, the poor and folks that have to work out in the elements, it also brings some positive benefits to many of us living in the south with a roof over our heads.  Here are a few that I appreciate:

1.  Kills the mosquitoes.

2. Allows for us in the south to wear boots, tights and winter garb for a few days at least.  Cute boots!

3. Pinon pine in the air.

4. Snuggling.

5. The comfort of warm soup and hot bread.

6.  We can use our ovens without breaking out in a sweat.

7.  Light a fire in the fireplace –or turn on the gas logs!

8. Read a good book by candlelight and/or back lighting from your i-pad in a warm throw.

9. Sit close on couch.

10. Place your cold toes strategically in the middle of a warm back.  RM loves this move.

TGIF to all my chilly friends and families all across the midwest and beyond.  Stay warm and drink a hot cuppa tea.  Did you hear the thunder-storm?  Think about donating warm coats and hats especially in hard to fit sizes if you are in a position to help.   C2 works for a homeless shelter in Illinois and she informed me of the inadequate supply of coats, hats and gloves at this time of year.

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