Portland High Points

Portland High Points

RM and I are at the PBX waiting on our flight back to the fort and reflecting and sharing about our time together here exploring, learning, smelling, tasting, and savoring this unique corner of planet Earth called Oregon. We planned ahead an itinerary and enjoyed all of it to one degree or another. The conference on grant writing and management was informative and I have to laugh as nearly everyone in attendance resembled, in some aspect, all of the great grant writers I have met over the years. Grant writing attracts a certain type of species. We are attracted to this occupation because we are already copious readers, keen observers, and life long learners and then we discover we can get paid for it as well. My favorite grant writers are a sprinkle of Pippi Longstocking, Ramona Quimby and Hermione Granger along with a few of their very own unique ingredients. Many of us struggle tidying up our external persona but our internal thinking is spot on and based on experience and reason (our reason). We like to talk about logic, outcomes, and strategic partnerships and hope to leave the world a little better than we found it.

My favorite moments in Oregon…

Waterfalls…lots of waterfalls
Beef cheeks at Le Pigeon
Ice cream with Becky at Salt and Straw (gives Melt a run for its money)
Train rides over bridges
The smell at Powell’s Bookstore
Sips of wine from the Wilamette Valley
Walking in the rain
Vistas of the Columbia River
Ava Gene’s Fire Pit and Roasting Oven
Bike riders…views from behind can be quite enjoyable
Majestic Mt. Hood

American Airlines is calling Group 2. See you back in the fort soon and Go Ducks, I mean Boys!


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