Grilled Cheese Sandwich for Grown Ups

Grilled Cheese Sandwich for Grown Ups

grilled cheese

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Yesterday I caught an episode of America’s Test Kitchen and the test cook made a grilled cheese sandwich to salivate for so I tried my version this morning for our breakfast.  And it was delicious.  Here are the quick steps I took:

1.  Take two or three types of cheese from your cheese drawer (you have one right?).  Use one type of soft cheese (brie, gouda, cream, whatever you have on hand) to one to two part harder cheese (Vermont sharp white cheddar is awesome). Place the chucks in a food processor with the metal blade and chop it all up.  Add either beer (I used Boulevard beer) or wine slowly through the tube until the cheese comes together like a chunky paste.  Stop.

2.  Get four slices of good bread  such as a sour dough or multi-grain variety that has some heft to it.  Mix together equal parts brown mustard and butter and slather one side of each of the slices of bread.  Then spread on a healthy layer of the cheese spread to the non-buttered side.

3.  Heat up your non-stick pan for 2 minutes until it is super hot.  I love my T-fal pan so much for these types of recipes.  Put your slices together with the butter to the outside (duh, I know).  And place the two sandwiches side by side in the pan.  Let them get good and brown on one side and then flip and proceed with the toasting.  Remove from pan and allow to cool for 2 minutes before slicing in half.  Serve with fruit and refrigerator pickles.  I love this recipe if you need one to try

Kinda sweet and tangy and nice with the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.  This sandwich would be great with tomato soup if it would ever cool off here on Ashland. Bon appetit!


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