Kids These Days Miss All the Fun Stuff

Kids These Days Miss All the Fun Stuff


My big brothers Tom, Mike and Ed during the holidays – they got trains not video games.

Kids don’t have the freedom to have many of the experiences today that I and my boy siblings did in the 60’s growing up in the Midwest. We would…

  1. Run an errand for the neighborhood beauty parlor owner to buy a carton of cigarettes for her and her customers.  All I had was cold cash and a hand written note from her to the grocery clerk.
  2. Play at the local creek with no adult supervision.
  3. Build a fort with a “working” toilet (hole in ground) and only got discovered because we were borrowing toilet paper from the big house.
  4. Ride my bike to the next little burg and back with my best friend with a brown paper bag full of peanut butter sandwiches and a thermos of juice. No helmets and on a two lane country road.
  5. Swim in our birthday suits in the Medicine River (remember No. 2 above and the no adult supervision part?).
  6. Challenge myself to walk everywhere for one day on stilts even upstairs and down and to the bathroom. Did it!
  7. Help put on a track meet in our back yard for our neighborhood kids. Our dad was the high school track coach.  We learned how to hurdle at a very young age.
  8. Travel in packs on Halloween night and no one checked our candy when we got home or limited our intake.
  9. Walk or more likely, ride our bikes, to the grocery store, church, doctor’s office, friend’s house and school by ourselves.
  10. Survive chicken pox, mumps, flu, warts, three older brothers, gangrene, powdered milk, Tang, frozen dinners, fried chicken, and dirt. So when cancer came along, I was ready for bear.


Here I am in Medicine Lodge, Kansas, on Main Street ready for bear.

Happy Labor Day to all the dedicated workers out there and hope you get Monday off to make a memory.


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