Original Art Work Makes a House a Home

Original Art Work Makes a House a Home

Last night, RM and I went to the Fort Worth Community Arts Center for the monthly gallery reception.  RM is planning to show some of his wood turning pieces at this same venue in December.  December 5th at 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. to be exact.  We wanted to see how other artists displayed their work, set up the gallery and what type of appetizers and beverages they served their guests.  It was a lovely event with all of the galleries busting with art work and lots of Fort Worthians out and about supporting the artists.  I spotted one portrait of a young artist that I kept coming back to.  Lovely colors, peaceful face and something about her sitting there looking at her easel that just told me I needed to take her home with us.  The price point was perfect.  The artist’s name is Sara Ward and she makes her real money as a florist.  I didn’t get to meet her which would have made the evening even better.  I told RM he really needed to work the room at his event because half the fun for the patron is getting to know a little bit about the artist.  The work we purchased will continue to hang in the art gallery this month before I pick her up.  Go check her out if you have a few free moments.

Do you buy original art work for your home? We have always invested in a few pieces even when we were struggling to make ends meet in our early years of marriage.  The art work makes our little house on Ashland so much more “homey”  especially with the special memories, travel, and people associated with every purchase.  Many of our pieces were made by our family members or passed down from one generation to another.  RM’s parents bought us our first original piece of art for a wedding present.  It is a picture of a Kansas prairie that has been in our home for thirty years reminding of us of our home state. C1 has painted many pieces for us over the years including a lovely sunflower motif that I cherish. We by no means have a collection but we do have a sanctuary full of love.


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