Early Morning on Ashland

Early Morning on Ashland

For the past several months, I have enjoyed sleeping in on Saturday mornings like I did back when I was a kid. Today, I woke up with a start thinking about the undeniable truth that my certification exam for project management is one week away and I am NOT prepared.  Of course, instead of diving into the study materials like I should, I have managed to find myself in front of the computer feeling the unrelenting pull of  this blog. The Blog (weird to think of it in these terms  — remember,  The Blob, and how it consumed everything in its path?) and I are companions now after over a year of time spent pondering the world, my path in it and my memories.  The simple routine associated with The Blog is comforting.  I must have a tall, cool glass of water and a companion hot drink — today it is java but sometimes its hot, green tea or a frothy chai. I click on the keyboard in the home office, stacked with all of RM’s trappings and treasures — he favors mechanical devices, scales, and vintage office supplies — and of course the obligatory stacks of engineering, design and woodworking magazines.   I  look out the expansive, front window and see the sycamore branches creating a comforting canopy over our little home and peer onto a new freshly poured street, sidewalk and driveway.  Our side of the block is nearly complete as the crew slowly works their way around to each front yard building the forms, leveling the dirt and finally oozing in the concrete at a pace reminiscent of Aesop’s steady, tortoise-like cadence.  Forcing us more speedy hare-like personalities to want to shout  “How do you expect to win this race when you are walking along at your slow, slow pace?”

By now, the hot brew has cooled and I contemplate how I will end this morning ritual so I can move on to the task at hand.  My mind wanders as I think of all kinds of distractions pushing back the inevitable for just a few more moments.  “That refrigerator needs cleaning out..maybe I should switch the rugs from the dining room to the living area?… I wonder if the three Cs posted anything new on FB?… I really need to pay some bills…I better go clip my nails and, oh, stop this silliness as we all have a lot better ways to spend our early morning…signing off from dear old Ashland until the next time The Blob, I mean Blog calls my name.


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