super Dad, super Dave

super Dad, super Dave




What makes a great dad? Each man brings his own personality, skill set, and stance to the job. Yes, being a dad is hard work, if he does it well. RM is a super dad in my book and here is why.

  • He can fix anything that is broken and put it back better than before – see him above trying to figure out how to fix that hot mess of pipes?
  • He cooks when I don’t feel like it and makes an amazing, creative pizza for a hungry mob
  • He smells good most of the time
  • He is in charge of the laundry and the grocery shopping…our pantry is always bulging with staples.  Sometimes 5-6 bottles of same item.
  • He loves a party and wants the kids at our house
  • He knows a lot of important stuff like saving money, taxes, and investments.
  • The man knows how to make a buck but often times he refuses to charge for his services — he will say “pay it forward”.
  • He has lots of friends and he always steps up to the call of duty when asked.  How many bounce houses can one man put up in a lifetime?  Tons.
  • He gets emotional about lots of stuff and wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to the people he loves…his girls.
  • He takes fatherhood seriously.  He changes diapers, bathes kids, dresses them and feeds them too.
  • He is always busy being productive and always making something out of wood.
  • It doesn’t take much to make him happy.
  • He drove a min-van when he really wants to drive a Maserati.
  • He is proud of his family and tells us so.
  • He is tall and big to protect us from evil doers.

Happy Father’s Day to one of the great ones!  We don’t tell you often enough.


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