Familects or my families secret language

Familects or my families secret language

Does it sometimes seem that your family has its own language?  Although family words are often funny, they’re also shorthand for moments from a shared past and as such carry an emotional resonance. It gives us a real sense of belonging when we hear it from a family member. When a distant relative shares the same word for ‘poo’ it means something!

Below is a list of some our family language from Kansas:


  • Grinklies – stuff in the bottom of the sink after you washed dishes by hand.  No one wants to touch the grinklies.  Grinklies are also found at the bottom of a glass of milk when we are dunking Oreos.
  • The Head – the toilet.  A long line of navy men are on my husband’s side of the family.
  • Pink Bunny – is Welsh rarebit on toast
  • Dinner is noon, supper is at night
  • Casserole – anything thrown into a dish and heated.  Usually involves canned soup.
  • Screened porch – can be on the back of the house, on the second floor, but the screens are put on in the summer and replaced with glass windows in the winter.
  • Creek not stream, not rivulets, tributary, or brook
  •  Tinkle and Number 2 – no definition needed.
  • Needs fixed or needs cut – kinda of like “fixin to” in Texas
  • For cryin out loud! – no lords name takin in vain.
  • Jayhawker  is a term that came to prominence just before the Civil War.   It was adopted by militant bands affiliated with the free-state cause. These bands, known as Jayhawkers, were guerilla  fighters who often clashed with pro-slavery groups from Missouri known at the time as border ruffians.  After the Civil War, the word Jayhawker became synonymous with the people of Kansas. Today the term is used as a nickname for a native-born Kansan.


Do you have some to share with me, my mid-western, plains friends?







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