cute cat 003

Eight or more years ago, RM brought a tiny grey and white kitten to our home from a  remodeling site he was working at. The kitten attached herself to RM’s leg and wouldn’t let go or that was the story all of  us, four women, living on Ashland at the time were told.   The owner of the home where RM was helping to remodel was fond of cats and he had found our little kitten wandering around outside of Fred’s Cafe one rainy night.  The guy brought the little feline princess home with him and added her to his cat collection.  This little kitten was special as she was playful, petite, smart and craved individual attention. The owner and RM agreed to take her to a vet and get her fixed (very responsible of them) and have her thoroughly checked out for any health problems and then agreed that Kat would live with us on Ashland.  She has been with us ever since.  RM was crazy to bring yet another woman onto his property but he did it of free will.  Kat is an exceptional cat for many reasons and here are a few:

1.  She prefers to be outside but does not venture across the street or farther than the houses on either side of us.

2.  She doesn’t have a litter box as she is trained to go outside or when desperate, she pee pees in our bathroom sink (directly over the drain hole).  I have caught her doing this on many occasions.

3.  She loves fresh water out of the kitchen faucet so she cries until I fill up a little cup for her to have a refreshing drink even though she has a full water dish on the floor.  When she hears the water running she comes running too.  She makes distinct sounds when she wants her food bowl refreshed and a door opened to exit.

4.  She is a hunter and a fighter and has survived outside these many years with true grit and determination besides her petite physique.  Her ears get chewed on occasionally by the too many feral cats on our block but no major injuries to date or trips to the vet for illnesses. Her hunting ground is our backyard which she patrols like a city cop pounding her beat.

5.  She reminds me  of the Peanut’s comic strip character -Pig Pen – as she has never had a bath from a human and often has stickers and grass in her fur that we brush out when allowed. Kat prefers to roll around in the dirt and grass, present her tummy for a quick human rub and then come inside for a long nap on my freshly laundered bedspreads.  You can find tiny dirt circles where she has been napping in several of the favored spots she has carefully identified over the years.

6.  She likes to pretend she is a gargoyle perched high on the corner of the peaks of our roof — looking down upon her kingdom.

7.  She loathes being held or picked up but if you whistle she will come running to sit on your lap especially if you place a nice clean pillow under her first.  She circles and circles and finally plops down to create yet another dirty spot to mark her territory.

8.  She is incredibly fit and can leap into the air to grab a low flying bird and bring it to the ground in her clawed paws.  She fetches us all kinds of presents and leaves them gently in front of either the back and front door (sometimes both doors on the same night of hunting).  We are trained to look down before we step out.

9.  She sat on my chest for weeks while I was recovering from surgery and cancer treatment.  She couldn’t figure out why I needed to lay in bed so much but she was happy that I finally slowed down a bit so she could take care of me.

10.  She doesn’t have a name – nothing seemed to stick – but our little adobe on Ashland is her paradise and ours too with Kat in it.


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