Candles Redux

Candles Redux

Rainy days scream craft days to me.  So today I took some really ugly and old taper candles and make them new again.  Turned out kinda  nice and I didn’t burn down the kitchen in the process.  I am trying to stay out of the way of RM as he does the taxes.  Ugh.

Step 1 is to gather up your old and faded out candles that are cluttering up your cabinets and storage drawers.


Step 2:  Use a sharp knife, cut the candle through so you can reuse the wick.  Just pull the wick out and cut it to lengths to use in your candles redux.

IMG_0974 (1)

Step 3:  Use an old metal can and make yourself a double boiler of sorts.  Throw in the can the old candle pieces and melt each color separately.


IMG_0978 (1)

Step 4:  Layer the wax into old candle jars that you have saved or you could find old mason jars or other fun glass containers you have in the house.  I used plastic strays to hold the wick in place while I poured in the wax in layers and waited for each layer to cool before proceeding with the next color of wax.  I alternated between green and blue.


IMG_0977 (1)


IMG_0980 (1)

Here are the finished candles after they dry.  Very pretty and much more usable than those old tapers.










































































































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