Time Dilation

Time Dilation


As I get older, time just seems to fly by faster and faster.  Months and years go zipping past.  But sometimes, it is just a minute of time that seems to last far longer than it should.  Below is a list of 60 second waits that seem SO much longer:

  1. Standing in front of the microwave for a cup of water to boil for my morning jolt of tea.
  2. Waiting in line for an empty stall in the women’s restroom when I really have to go (ok, maybe longer than 60 seconds).
  3. Holding my breath under water longer than my brothers
  4. The squeaking sound of the hinge on the door across the hall from my office as it opens and closes and opens and closes
  5. Any type of public speaking or introductions at a meeting
  6. Waiting for my oncologist to read important test results
  7. Walking on hot pavement or hot sand at the beach in Texas
  8. Any type of hair removal process involving wax
  9. The sound of a crying baby
  10. Getting a vaccination
  11. Waiting for the voice mail instructions to finish before I listen to my messages
  12. Crosswalk lights
  13. Grinding coffee beans for fresh brewed coffee
  14. Waiting for the spin cycle to finish so I can open the lid on the dryer
  15. Brain freeze
  16. Holding still with a cardboard x-ray in my mouth at the dentist
  17. That moment when I exit or enter the ski lift (gracefully, I might add)
  18. Double dog dare stares – try not eye blinking for 60 seconds
  19. The drop from the Superman Tower of Power at Six Flags Over Texas
  20. Pain from hitting my funny bone

Time dilation means that time passes strangely. Sometimes it speeds up. Five hours pass by in five minutes. Sometimes it slows down, like the freeze frame familiar to any who has been in a car crash or in my case, when I slipped on wet pavement in London and took a slow motion forward roll that I will never forget.  It seemed to last forever.   Glad I had my puffy jacket on.

Do you have a time dilation that you would like to share while I wait for the pasta water to start to boil?


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