High Road to Spring Break

High Road to Spring Break

This week at work, I felt myself slugging at times through too real moments reminiscent of the powerful and scary political scenes from the Netflix series, House of Cards, combined with the more mirthful and quirky moments from the TV series, Parks and Recreation. Am I the only one that has scenes from movies and TV series roll through their mind during moments of high stress or boredom at work?  More times than I like to admit, I find myself, especially during long meetings, in an out-of-body experience, drifting up on the ceiling of the conference room looking down on the room, and wondering, “how did I find myself here and where is this conversation going and why is it happening?”  “When will it end?”  Maybe I should check with my oncologist as a possible longstanding side effect of two rounds of chemotherapy?

I know I watched way too much TV growing up. Imagine, if my parents had exposed me to symphonic music as routine as CBS, and how my mental images may have altered this week while under stress. Instead of on the ceiling, with my fleeting cinematic memories,  I would instead break out into song or make the conference table my personal Steinway. Bad imagery as everyone knows, my clan can’t sing or use both of our hands on the keyboard.   With daily unplanned events pop up at work, end-a-rounds and egos get the attention they demand, it may seem the real work takes the back seat but instead you find, when you reflect that it is still in the front seat if we just “keep on, keeping on”, not allowing the noise and duress get in the way. Together, we filed grants totally more than 2M for campuses across the district, answered tons of calls from employees about an imperfect project roll out, planned for funding options from local, state and federal funders, continued on the launch path of an education foundation, and we took joyful moments to stop and listen to our workmates’ concerns and stop in our tracks for our dear customers. The reward is a full week to recharge our engines either at home or on an adventure. Who get’s Spring Break when they are over 50?  I do.  So let’s leave the ups and the downs of the week at work in public education behind us for just seven days and focus our attention on the true prize…our mates, our children, our pets, our families and our friends.  So privileged to have work that drives me crazy, up on the ceiling, and back down again.


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