Waiting on Friday night pizza

Waiting on Friday night pizza

While waiting on RM to watch the news and simultaneously prepare pizza from scratch, I am reflecting on my week and smiling. Moments include:

1. 6:30 a.m. walks in the cold weather — it clears your mind for the full day ahead

2. Bus tour to GO centers in FWISD middle schools with people who really care about kids and families. And are putting ideas into action

3. Texts and quick conversations with my girls

4. Looking forward to Chicago for Spring Break– we will pack our parkas

5. Social with my friends from Women’s Policy Forum and good conversation about politics in Texas

6. Girl’s Inc breakfast celebration and young women demonstrating their leadership, public speaking skills, and willingness to step up and taking healthy risks

7. Courageous conversations about breast cancer with women friends that every day get the diagnosis but keep on working, caring for others and themselves

8. Planning for a battery of grant proposal deadlines– we got this!

9. Sleeping on a new memory foam bed after 20 years on a box and spring. Why do we wait so long to update and upgrade household items? Because these purchases are so boring or other needs seem to come first. I am still sleeping on the edge but it is super comfy

10. The Ashland Avenue road work continues but I was able to park in my own driveway all week. Progress!


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