Vintage Bookmarks

Vintage Bookmarks


How much longer will we use bookmarks that you actually place into a special hardback book to mark your ending reading spot with your own hand not a quick touch to a screen with a single digit? RM handcrafted bookmarks this year for tokens of appreciation to guests attending celebrations with the Marshall clan. He made them out of assorted hard woods and then engraved them with logos and words of encouragement to read.   When we gave them out, I wondered if in a few years our children will say to us, “what is this?’ when they stumble upon them in a drawer or inside an old book.  I have fully converted to electronic communications but I continue to use and enjoy the odd collection of bookmarks that I have squirreled away over the years.  I will hold on to them so that I can share this part of history with our offspring along with our turntable, Super 8, and VHS tapes.  Time marches on but we still have our memories.  Make some this holiday season with you and yours.  Happy Holidays from RM, C1-C3 and the Ashland Avenue blogger!

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