The days leading up to December 25th are some of my favorite times of the year.  I love the anticipation and my child like excitement always catches me by surprise in the days leading  up to the eve and Christmas morning activities. Here are some special memories…

A loud ho, ho, ho and jingling sound on the porch on Christmas eve 1969, then a loud bang against the door.  My brothers and I open the door to a bag full of board games like cribbage and 3-D checkers. Hauck kids played together until midnight.  Funny how dad was MIA during the Santa surprise visit.

Waking up first in the house and sneaking out of my bed to see what was in my stocking. Always a 4 piece Whitman sampler and a new toothbrush.  Point counter point.

Vespers at the University of Kansas singing hymns with friends and holding hands with RM.

Making egg rolls and peanut butter balls

All outdoor holiday lights and driving around our neighborhood and checking out all the decorations.  Singing off key in the car with the kids and guessing who will get car sick first.

Our first christmas tree purchased the last few days before the big day when RM and I lived at Jayhawk  apartments.  We decorated it with popcorn strings and hand made decorations before DIY was so chic.

Parties and dressing up and seeing friends–lots of glitter and pretty sweaters, please!

Skiing with my three girls on a snowy morning in the Rocky Mountains — perfect weather and perfect day with Mother Nature.

The office door decorating contest at work and the competitive, creative team spirit of my colleagues.

Memorizing a new dinner prayer to surprise my grandparents.

Caroling with my MYF teenage friends–lots of raging hormones and fun flirting.

Seeing Santa for the first time in the arms of my dad at a packed community celebration and getting a brown bag filled with hard ribbon candy and I didn’t have to share with my brothers.

I wonder what memories we will make this year? Can’t wait!


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