C2 graduates from college today from the University of Kansas with many of her family and friends in attendance.  An important passage for many of our young adult children.  A passage to work that will lead her to a purposeful life as well as sufficient resources to support her unique lifestyle.  Yes, shoes are involved.  Passages.  To that first promotion at work and the new responsibilities they bring (and a few sleepless nights). Passages.  A child?  Juggling work and caregiving.  What were you thinking?  It gets better and then it doesn’t and then it gets better again. Passages.  Change jobs, change locations, and do that a couple of times.  Or not.  Passages. Nest begins to empty and you explore new hobbies and passions.  Passages.  Climb a few mountains along the way and discover you are a super woman or not.  Another passage.  Discover that you can do just about anything you desire and then not. Passages.  Discover day to day pleasures that gives your life meaning.  Enjoy the passages and all the days, hours, and minutes in between.

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