The Icy Week-end Blues

The Icy Week-end Blues

I am not feeling really blue but I thought the title was catchy. I am having a wonderful time house bound, held captive by four inches of slick ice for three action packed days and here is why…

1. Electric and gas are on so enjoying a roaring fire in the fireplace and pleasant internal temperatures compared to the low digits outside. Thank you to the crews out working in the bitter weather to keep us warm as I know not all of us have been so lucky.

2. Cleaned out my cd collection and listened to some music I forgot I had including several silly holiday tracks. Gotta love that Old Navy Holiday CD as well as one by Bing Crosby. Why is his name Bing and why does he sing so slow? Is that why he is a crooner? Ask silly questions in your head and pretty soon an hour has passed by. Research your questions on Google and quickly forget the answers. Why is his name Bing?

3. Netflix…watched several foreign films and foodie shows. Thank you to C1 for getting me into this way of watching cinema. Nothing like a cozy bed, your iPad and a huge selection of movies and shows to enjoy to make the time pass quickly and quite productively. I learn a lot of important sh– watching Netflix so don’t judge me.

4. Cat has kept me amused as she follows me around waiting for me to sit down so she can warm my tummy. We have grown even closer over the last three days as the cat hair clinging to every piece of my clothing can attest.

5. Even RM is chilly so lots of good snuggles and trips to the hot tub to ease old muscles and stiff joints. I wonder how many babies will be born 9 months from now? The cold does make all the old war injuries worse. Haven’t really been in an official war but some experiences have been unofficially in full attack mode. Load the torpedoes and turn up the hot tub and thank goodness I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant anymore.

6. Time to do slow cooking. Made a wild rice and mushroom soup that was delicktable. That means you lick the bowl when you reach the bottom.

7. Time to decorate the house for the holidays. Took all the old knick- knacks to one central spot, put up the holiday decorations, and put the old stuff in the empty holiday bins and then put it all away. Need a break from all the clutter — may not put it back if I don’t miss it in 2014.

8. Snow babies– admiring them, remembering when I received each one, thinking of my girls who are not little snow babies anymore — ok, got a little bit blue at 4 pm yesterday. Silly collection anyway.

9. Recovery time from a wicked cold that RM first caught while traveling to NOLA. Louisiana colds are ruff. Hack, sniff, and hack again.

10. Made pie from scratch…roasted the butternut squash, combined the flesh with sweets and butter, and filled the most perfect, flaky pie crust (thank you King Arthur Flour company for the recipe). I don’t even like pie much but this one was scrumptious especially for breakfast with hot, foamy coffee to warm up my frozen toes. How cold can hardwood floors get in an old leaky house? Damn cold I say.

11. Good excuse not to do outside exercise but I will be ready to resume my morning walks soon – ice freeze is mandatory rest period anyway to get over nasty cold (see #9 reason above).

12. Worked on my new hobby of jewelry assembly opposed to jewelry making. One necklace turned out good enough to give as a gift — lucky person that you are as I am very new to this jewelry gig and some of my best attempts simply fall apart in my hands. Note to self…crimp harder.

13.… Enough said to anyone who has explored this time suck of an activity.

14. Pinterest..I need to stop this and just follow Stephanie’s boards. They are the best. Sinfully good in the dessert department.

15. Blogging and thinking about suitable blogging material and how to best torture my family with my foggy memories.

16. Looking out the window at the pretty, white landscape and thinking how lucky I am to live on Ashland and in the Fort.

17. Cleaned out the refrigerator since it is so empty and discovered some long forgotten condiments. Do they multiple on their own in that side door compartment?

18. Amazon Prime spent all our money and RM is quite upset about it.

19. No road construction on Ashland and since we have not left the driveway since Thursday afternoon, we have enjoyed a nice reprieve from the jarring noise, the choking dust, and the infinite pleasure of not needing to dodge the rabbit- fire bulldozer driver as we exit Ashland for the outside world.

20. Time to relax..there is nothing else to do except to clean out the sock drawer. Ok, that thought made me blue. Time for the sun to come out now and melt this sh– gone. I cuss more since I am in prison…it’s what all the inmates do.


2 thoughts on “The Icy Week-end Blues

  1. You are so funny! Really enjoy your blogs and can relate to this one especially since we got snow and ice in Oklahoma too but I have not been as productive as you! I did get most of my Christmas gifts wrapped and/or organized. Tree is up with lights but no ornaments. That would mean a trip down the iced driveway to the detached garage and I’m not that ambitious!

  2. Day 4 today of the ice storm and wrote a spoof or rewrite of Twas the Night Before Christmas for my neighbors to enjoy and making peanut butter balls to take to the KU girls next week-end. C2 is graduating from college. I don’t do well locked up but hopefully the sun will come out soon. Be safe! and come wrap my presents for me — I always procrastinate on this task.

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