My Expansion of the Rules from “All I really needed to know I learned in Kindergarten”

My Expansion of the Rules from “All I really needed to know I learned in Kindergarten”

  1. Showing up is half the battle – being on time is even better.
  2. When someone gives of their time, talent or a gift, it is always best to send a written thank you note.
  3. Invited over to a home for a special event? Take a small personal gift for the host.
  4. When meeting a couple for the first time, always inquire about both of their occupations not just the dominate one in the relationship (and there is almost always a dominant one in social situations).
  5. Have a hobby and share it with others – learn to cook, sew, garden, dance, write or some other area of interest and do it as good as you can and invest in the tools, equipment and training to do it better each and every year.
  6. Read everything and keep in touch and use the latest technology and social media.
  7. Join a professional organization and volunteer.
  8. Care about children, education, health, environment and world peace.
  9. Take care of yourself but don’t talk about it too much.  Just do it.
  10. Host at least two parties a year in your home.
  11. Buy original artwork as soon as you can and hang it in your front room – it should be the first item you see when you enter your home and it will make you and others happy.
  12. Have a tool box with your own tools for repairing small problems in your home.
  13. Travel as much as possible.
  14. Make your bed every day because it is your sanctuary – try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night.
  15. Buy good underwear and bras.
  16. Keep the inside of your car clutter free.
  17. Eat more fruits and veggies and avoid fast food except for Sonic.
  18. Know how to cook or bake something special.
  19. Be prepared to order a cocktail when the occasion calls for it and make it your signature drink – you don’t have to even drink it but be prepared with a response when asked in a social situation.  Mine is Vodka Gimlet.  My dad’s was a Rusty Nail.
  20. Don’t be afraid to fire someone but do it with dignity and with reason.  Have evidence of why and be sure you have shared it often and frequently with the person.
  21. Ask for more responsibility at work and help your organization be a success – do it before asked.
  22. Pick up after yourself.
  23. When you need help; don’t be afraid to call on workmates, friends and family.
  24. Take long walks and hot showers/baths – some of your best thinking will happen.
  25. Laugh out loud and don’t take yourself too seriously.  Seriously!




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