The Holiday Cookie Monster

The Holiday Cookie Monster


This week, the big build up to the holiday season is officially upon us. It’s like a huge drum roll sounded off this week and the holidays officially opened for business.  The poor letter carriers’ bags are bulging with mail order magazines – how did I get on so many mailing lists? Most likely due to my recent Amazon Prime membership.  The retail stores are stocking up with the dreaded fruit cake supplies in anticipation of our baking needs for the multitude of holiday parties and gatherings as well as inventoried walls of blow up grinches and elves at Lowes and Home Depot to decorate our yard and to make our homes festive and welcoming to friends and family. Do those inflatables creep you out a bit like they do me?  The pretty and tasteful decorations are ablaze at University Park Village in anticipation of another big buying season at The Apple Store (yes, I too want a new iPad) and the other popular stores at this high traffic shopping center. It takes an extra 20 minutes at lunch as we inch up and down the area streets filled with cars carrying lunch time errand runners. I saw my first holiday themed commercial on TV last night and Pinterest is littered with DIY holiday projects.  For me, this time of year is special for all of the traditional reasons but also for my love of making and baking cookies.  Don’t they smell divine? And yummy warm out of the oven?

One year, all of us at work participated in a cookie baking contest and we had to taste each and every one to determine which one was the yummiest.  It turned out the only man in the office was the winner.  Another year, some of us in the neighborhood joined up in a cookie exchange that reaped mounds of cookies to share.  What will this year bring?  Most assuredly…cookies.  If you have a recipe to share, please post as I am ready for the wonderful season of cookie baking and sharing and fellowship with friends and family.   Too early to put up the tree, RM?


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