I was just tidying up.

I was just tidying up.

RM makes home-made pizza once a week – sometimes on Friday, sometimes on Saturday, and if not one of those nights, then definitely for Sunday supper.  A few weeks ago, I cleaned out my nest of expanding cookbooks by throwing away many of the little pamphlets that accompany the various kitchen gadgets including the only one that, unbeknownst to me, contained RM’s favorite pizza dough recipe. I was just tidying up. I thought he had memorized the recipe in his engineer brain by now but evidently that is not so true.  I thought I had found the lost recipe online but ever since he started using the new recipe (not the one out of the tattered manual) the dough hasn’t been quite right.  I think I threw him off his game or the man is self sabotaging. The cookbook/user’s manual is the one that comes with the Cuisinart food processor.  If any one has such manual, please see if it has a recipe for pizza dough in it and please overnight it to me.  I am always throwing away something that I see little value in to later discover that to RM it is equivalent to throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

If we get back on our pizza game, RM made a beautiful wooden serving piece with an engraved magnolia blossom on it.  For now, we will be using it as a cheese platter.

IMG_0748 (1)


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