Bath for the Birds

Bath for the Birds

IMG_0738 (1)

I woke up to a chilly Saturday morning and a surprise in my garden.  A beautiful new (re-purposed) bird bath sitting pretty in my weedy garden out back.  Maybe it will inspire me to get out there today and pull up all of the tiny grass shoots that are quickly appearing all around the garden.  The recent rain is such a blessing but not only do the birds, flowers and plants love it, so do the weeds.

Renaissance Man assembled the bird bath from a beautiful pot that we had purchased together in Mexico years ago on a trip to the Guanajuato area of central, colonial Mexico.  I carefully hauled the Mexican pottery back on the airplane (along with several other pieces that I treasure) with the intent of making a bird bath out of this one.  But we never did as we became consumed with the day-to-day.  We had a nice bird bath  in this same spot but it came to a speedy demise when RM “pruned” the red tip Photinia.  The pretty bush had taken a direct hit, as did the prior bird bath, by the excessive heat and drought Texas has experienced over the last several summers – it has been like living in a blast furnace here for months.  But this morning, we woke up to temperatures below 40 degrees and the fresh, clean air after yesterday’s showers and warm sunshine streaming down on our beautiful new bath for the birds living on Ashland.

RM neatly placed the pot inside a used tomato cage and voila!…instant bird bath.  The old cage is now the base of the bath and I don’t have to keep tripping over it in the garage.  RM and I gave up growing tomatoes several summers ago – just to damn hot.


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