State Pride Jewelry

State Pride Jewelry


I ordered my Kansas necklace on-line and it came in this cute box, inside the glass vial.  Very clever and I treasure the necklace as it makes me feel connected to my mid-western roots.

Need a fun gift for a friend with big state pride?  You know that one I am talking about. The friend who lives far from home and misses it or the one who always roots for their big state college sports team or your workmate that consistently compares their home state to Texas in conversations or that special over-the-top buddy that insists on wearing their state name on every stitch of casual clothing they own (usually burnt orange and white). The gift of a necklace with their state name from Kris Nations might just be the perfect token of your affection for them and also support a local retailer or you may purchase on-line at:

The State Pride Studs are the perfect, understated way to show pride for your favorite state. I picked out a tiny Texas-shaped pair for C3 and she loves them.   Handmade in Half Moon Bay, CA, USA.  This jeweler also makes a lot of Chevron-shaped pieces which seems the current craze.

The artist, Kris, is from Texas and currently live in California. She thought it would be funny to wear a Texas pendant as a tribute to her home state. (Texans are PROUD!) Once she made the Texas pendant, she was asked to add California, New York, and eventually all 50 states.

The artist makes contributions and lends her financial support to an organization called About Face. They are a non-profit that holds workshops and action activities that equip young women and girls with tools to understand and resist harmful media messages that affect their self-esteem and body image. She designed a bracelet for them that reads “I heart ME” to convey the message that we are all beautiful no matter what the mainstream media might suggest. One hundred percent of the sale price of the bracelet goes to About Face.

By reading my blog, I am helping you get your holiday shopping off to a creative and fast start without leaving the comfort of your comfy couch.   Have a great week-end – I hear we are due for a cold front and it is snowing in Colorado already.  RM says he is going to lay around all week-end in his underwear.  Why do dudes always make statements like that?


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