Why we miss them more when they are gone.

Why we miss them more when they are gone.

Renaissance Man is on a business trip this week to OKC.  Next week I travel for work to Atlanta for a workshop.  These times of separation from each other are sporadic and in many ways a nice break from the steady companionship we have enjoyed over the last (gulp) 30 years plus it is an opportunity for each of us to explore another city and community. I think I got the better deal this month (Atlanta? OKC?  No brainer).  But I do miss my partner in crime and here are some of the reasons:

1.  I woke up yesterday morning after a very vivid dream with RM as an accomplice in a murder involving a nail gun.   RM wasn’t here for me to tell the story line to and in just a few minutes it wasn’t nearly as funny/weird as it was when I first woke up.  Well…maybe still weird.  Thought about calling him but got busy getting ready for work and it slipped my mind.  RM and I don’t call and chat on the phone during the day unless we have a real reason.  Neither one of us are fans of long telephone conversations.  We text details like pick up milk, workout?, where are you?

2.  I had to remember to lock ALL the doors and turn out ALL of the lights.  I failed miserably.  I will try to do better tonight.  Do robbers read blogs?

3.  Worried about robbers.

4. There was a very unusual sound outside this morning.  I think it was raccoons on the roof again.   Usually I yell out, “Did you hear that?”  He responds and I move on to my next life event.  I know he will investigate and my mind is put to ease.  This time, I had to go around the house looking for the source of the sound and couldn’t find a thing that might have caused it.  Ghosts?

5.  I don’t believe in ghosts until RM leaves town.

6. CAT left a dead bird in the side yard.  Rolled the trash bin over it and it totally grossed me out when I realized what I had done.  If I didn’t have trash detail, I would never have seen the bird and added to its misery.

7.  I have to remember to set the alarm (no RM back-up) and make the coffee in the morning.  No cappuccino this week. That espresso machine requires even more technical expertise than the fourteen remotes residing in the living room.  Forgetaboutit.

8.  All of the chores are my chores this week.  No partner to split them up and conquer together.  No one to bitch to about all the chores.  And we have an awesome house cleaner…what am I bitching about?  There are only two of us.  Yes, I know I am totally spoiled.

9.  No one to greet me when I get home but CAT.  The solitude is nice for a few short days but I wouldn’t like this on a regular basis.  I would probably acquire more than one cat and that my friend, is a slippery slope.

10.  The house is very quiet.  No whistling, no excessively loud blowing of nose, no snoring, no laughing out loud at stupid TV shows, no pellet gun rounds, no slamming of doors, no loud footsteps across the hardwood floors, no cussing, no yelling, no banging, no power tool noise, no heavy breathing…no, RM!

Guess I will text him that I love him and tell him to bring back his big, clomping feet safely to our little house on Ashland.


5 thoughts on “Why we miss them more when they are gone.

  1. RM’s other nickname is Clutter Man and that, my friend, is something I don’t miss when he is away. He could be a hoarder if there is not regular intervention but then, none of us our perfect. Well, you and I are (almost!)

  2. I love your posts! I’m with you – I enjoy my alone time, but after a day or so, I’m ready for another person, even if it’s just to keep my sometimes OCD behavior in check (I straighten everything when I’m on my own and need someone to shuffle papers a bit)! Btw, I may watch too many crime dramas, but yes, I do think robbers (and much, much worse) read blogs. Your previous post with your Thanksgiving itinerary made me simultaneously jealous (I love New Orleans! Daughter was born there while I was on a business trip in my 7th month) and freaked me out a bit, seeing the level of detail shared with would-be-evil-doers. But, I’m generally a person who sees the good and has a lot of trust, so who knows.

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