Einstein: Pop Culture Icon

Einstein: Pop Culture Icon


The reputation of a certain fuzzy-haired theoretical physicist has made him a pop culture icon of the current college generation as well as a wide host of fans from many age brackets.  He is known as the “most intriguing person of the century” in one popular news magazine.  In another he is called The Person of the Century.  His image is on coffee cups, on posters, and t-shirts.  We all want just a little bit of Einstein in our life.  We appreciate his wise words which seem to us so advanced for the time in which he lived as well as uncharacteristic of our stereotypes of a man of math and science.  Renaissance Man (RM) has always been a huge fan of Einstein starting way back in high school days.  He was ahead of the current craze.  Out of appreciation for Einstein and due to a birthday request from C3, RM recreated a piece of art that C3 had pinned from a Pinterest board. Here is RM’s take on the version she had shared with him. He made two…one from C3 and one for ME!  The background behind the inking is an old page from a dictionary.  I have no idea how he made the stamp — I think it involved the use of a high-powdered laser engraver.


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