Fall Pennant Banner for a Commemorative Design

Fall Pennant Banner for a Commemorative Design

I just had to join the new craze for burlap, cloth and paper pennant banners that I see everywhere I look in store fronts, at parties, and on Pinterest.  Here are the steps to my version (paper and muslin) which I recently finished to spice up my fireplace mantle and to accent the Halloween decorations I cheaply acquired at sales last year after the spooky holiday ended.


First step is to assemble your supplies.  You will need large pieces of scrapbook paper in colors that speak to you of Fall.  You will also need scissors, heat-n-bond adhesive iron-on sheets, muslin fabric, a hot iron, and string.  I found a free template for a pennant shape on the internet, downloaded it and printed it on my home printer. I liked this template because it allows for the bend in the top.  Important to have in the template for a later step that I highly recommend incorporating into your design too.


Here is sample of the paper pennants that I cut out for my banner.


Use the same template to cut out the pennant shapes using the heat-n-bond.  This stuff is magic so check it out if you haven’t already.  See below for a picture of what I used.  I bought mine at Michaels for less than $3 bucks.



When you get the adhesive iron-on sheets cut out in the same shape as the pennants then you repeat the step using muslin fabric in order to make a professional appearing backing and give needed strength to the paper for a finer finished product.

IMG_0670 (1)

This one template takes you all the way through the project.  I cut out two muslin pennants at a time to speed up the process.  I then ironed the adhesive sheets to the back of the paper (sticky side next to back of paper).  Then you peel off the sticky paper (heat-n-bond backing), lay the muslin pennant on top of the sticky side of the paper and iron the muslin to the back of the paper.  It sticks great.  Below is what it looks like when you finished this step.  I cut the muslin a little bit bigger than the paper because I am terrible at cutting out fabric.


They don’t look very pretty at these stage but a little trimming helps a lot!


I trimmed mine while I was sitting in my sun room praying for rain — it worked (you all can thank me and Mother Nature for the nice rainfall in the Fort this morning).


I had some of those little gold hooks and inserted two into the bottom of my living room mantle to use to attach the pennant.  I strung some fine brown string between the two hooks.  Then I gently bent the pennant at the top to create a 1/4 inch fold to lay over the string.  It is important to select a template for the pennant that gives you the bend shape at the top.  This way if I want to change out pennants, I can do so without ruining the whole project.  They just lift off!  You can also move the individual pennants into a different order if you get tired of the original look of it.

Light the candles, find a good book and enjoy Labor Day in your own little adobe.



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