Memoirs, Travel and Foodie Books

Memoirs, Travel and Foodie Books

Upon a random review of my Kindle books, I found a pattern in my book choices.  I love memoirs, travel and foodie books. I can’t resist a novel set in Paris, or Italy, or Mexico, or England, or on a island, or on a mountain top….  I really need to branch out a bit especially with two titles on my list with “stuff” in it.  Here are my top choices from 2012.  My other little addiction is cookbooks but I will save that for another blog although several of these books have some pretty terrific recipes in them.  See Stuffed and Cakewalk in particular.  Guess I will go find me a good book to read…please share if you have recommendations for me.

  • The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz
  • Wild (From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail) by Cheryl Strayed
  • Stuffed:  Adventures of a Restaurant Family by Patricia Volk
  • Cakewalk:  A Memoir by Kate Moses
  • Good Stuff:  A Reminiscence of My Father:  Cary Grant by Jennifer Grant
  • The Table Comes First:  Family, France and the Meaning of Food by Adam Gropnik
  • The Boy Kings of Texas:  A Memoir by Domingo Martinez
  • A Journey of Days:  Relearning Life’s Lessons on the Camino de Santiago by Guy Thatcher

3 thoughts on “Memoirs, Travel and Foodie Books

  1. French by Heart
    I laughed so much! A memoir of sorts, but great storytelling’s of a family’s adventure while transplanted to France for husnpband”s work.

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