Tracy’s Tacos

Tracy’s Tacos

Last night Renaissance Man and I went to Torchy’s Tacos for dinner.  It is a new (yes another) street taco trailer concept transformed to a foodie favorite store located in a rather nondescript strip center at the corner of Rosedale and Forest Park (Midtown?…whatever!). Literally a hop, skip and an awkward U-Turn from Ashland.   March Madness is in full swing and we knew they had great food, cold drinks and big screen TVs.  In an effort to eat healthier, I ordered the Mahi tuna or Mr. Pink taco and enjoyed it immensely along with the spicy green chili queso and warm chips while sipping a Shiner Bock watching the Shockers as they warmed up to smack down the Zags.  It was incredible – both the food and the game.  I guess it left me wanting more because this morning, I woke up craving black bean breakfast tacos. I first ate these at Taco Cabana in the Fort a decade ago or more. Growing up in the heartland, we never had tacos for breakfast…only steel cut oatmeal before it became hip. Here is my version of black bean breakfast tacos….

First, I use whatever I have available in the frig to spice up the black beans.  This morning I had a lot of great ingredients on hand including an avocado from Greenling, home made salsa (recipe courtesy of Pioneer Woman – has buckets of cilantro in it), peppers, onions, leftover smash potatoes, good tortillas from Fiesta and of course, queso fresco!  You just dice the onions and peppers and sweat them in a little olive oil, add the black beans (rinse first), and chunks of potatoes and a little bit of the salsa.   Warm tortillas and fill with the bean mixture, top with diced avocado, salsa and grated queso fresco.  Roll up and serve with more avocado and salsa.  I couldn’t eat more than two!

Below is the link to the PW salsa…..


IMG_0313IMG_0314 (2)IMG_0315


2 thoughts on “Tracy’s Tacos

  1. We’re snowed in or I would be running out to the store to buy ingredients! Love hearing from you about your adventures….even it it’s radical breakfast menus! Love to you!

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