Pink Bunny

Pink Bunny

Daughter C2 called the other day to ask me for the recipe for Pink Bunny.  She wanted the recipe to chuckle about with her budding chef and college friends but it stayed on my mind especially since it is bunny season.

Growing up with my three brothers in the southwestern Kansas town of Medicine Lodge, my hardworking parents eeked out an existence teaching school and taking care of the mental health needs of the little community.  My dad was the high school principal and my mom the county social worker.  Us kids didn’t get away with much mischief needless to say but we had our share of small town fun. Lots of freedom and little adult supervision made for lots of wholesome if not dangerous outdoor activities. It also made us extremely hungry most of the time.  Do you know how much food three boys consume when they are between the ages of 12 and 16?  When we shopped for groceries, we had two carts.  My parents had to “economize” as my dad liked to say.  So Mom was creative in the cooking department and made the food budget go a long way with lots of fillers and extenders but still yummy to our sheltered Midwestern palates.

When they got the chance, our Mom and Dad escaped to Wichita to take ball room dance lessons on most Saturdays.  If we didn’t tag along and take in the latest James Bond movie (my brothers were obsessed with them), my Mom made dinner ahead of time and left it on the stove for us to eat when we got hungry.  This was my working Mom’s trick she repeated often.  Fix a lot of something in a pot and leave on top of the stove for the kids to serve themselves.This was before crock pots.  She did this with oatmeal and cream of wheat in the morning, with chili and chicken and noodles for lunch or dinner. Sometimes the food stuck to the bottom of the pan and congealed a bit but nothing a good “soak” in the sink over night wouldn’t rectify.  One of my favorite one pot meals was Pink Bunny.  I loved the stuff…it was sweet, savory and cheesy sauce and it stuck to my skinny ribs when it was poured over toasted white sandwich bread. The Hauck kids (that was what we were called collectively) usually went through at least a loaf of toasted bread in one setting of a Pink Bunny feast. I think the pink in the title is in reference to the color of the sauce and the bunny is a riff of Welsh rarebit.  My mother was Scottish on her mother’s side so fairly confident this recipe came from the Murrison line of great and frugal cooks.  My mother liked this recipe so much it was published in the annual church cookbook one year.   Here is the recipe…

Pink Bunny (Courtesy of recipe file of the late Katie Hauck)

1 large can tomato soup or two regular size

1/2 Lb. Velveeta cheese

4 eggs, beaten

1 tsp. yellow mustard

1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce

Heat the soup in a double boiler with the cheese until cheese melts.  Add the remaining ingredients and cook until thick.  Serve on toast.


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