Another Sunday

Another Sunday

Thinking about last Sunday when we hosted our first Ashland Sunday Supper for twenty-two of our friends, neighbors and workmates in our tiny little cottage estate in one of the oldest, and original settlement areas of what we casually refer to as “the fort” (Fort Worth). Growing up the last meal of the day on Sunday was always called supper while the rest of the week we called this same  meal time by the more formal word… dinner.  However, the noon meal after church on Sunday was dinner…never lunch.  Makes perfect sense to me. Menu items at our  first attempt at hosting this event included caprese salad, apple, Maytag cheese and walnut mixed greens, slow cooker roasted pig gravy on homemade pasta noodles, and a vodka sauce for the non-meat eaters.  We served a tray of chocolates for dessert (including dark chocolate covered Peep hearts).  The wine was flowing and the debates heated up even though we said oil and gas and religion are taboo topics at the dinner.  Our friends are rule breakers!


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